BowWow Haus London


We are taking part in the Blue Cross charity BowWow Haus scheme, which sees a number of artists & architects design and make a dog kennel. After being exhibited at St Pancras International Train Station and Stratford Station the kennels will be auctioned of at a charity gala with the proceeds going to the Blue Cross!

It may not have been our usual type of job but we couldn't resist the opportunity - it was also a great opportunity to spend some time with dogs!

For our design we reduced the traditional dog kennel to a simple box, with angled lines embedded in its form to hint at the lost angles of the pitch roof. The bottom section is clad with a number of angled triangles (inspired by our logo) set at different depths to create a geometric facade.

Here you can see our design journey from initial concept to 3D render to final product:

YELO architects Bow Wow Haus


Thank you to Vertex Joinery who kindly lent their expertise to build the kennel, James Latham Timber for providing us with their quality materials, and last but not least Nicola and Henry who fantastically modelled with our final design.