VR - Architecture in a new Reality


Inside the four walls of our office you can fly through buildings, explore unbuilt structures, and walk around your dream home. Though take care when reaching out for that door handle as you may find yourself knocking over a cup of coffee instead!

February Work Experience


We have had two secondary school students with us in the past 2 weeks undertaking work experience. It is very encouraging to see students with interest in architecture reaching out to us with on their own initiative!

Architects of wellbeing


This month Yelo featured in Platinum Business Magazine in a feature titled "Architects of well-being". Andy was interviewed on his thoughts of keeping a happy and healthy workplace, and talked about how Yelo Architects came to be as well as…

Health & wellbeing bonus plan


The new year often begins with a battle of diving back into work and wrestling with resolutions. To help alleviate this and give everyone a boost we've created a healthy bonus plan for the office for January, which will evolve as we progress through…

2016 End of Year Christmas Party


We rounded off an excellent year with our Christmas office party, which is always one of the highlights! Our day began with secret Santas and mince pies in the office, after which we hopped on a Big Lemon bus to Ridgeview Wine for a taste of their…

Alex on work experience


For the past week we have been joined by Alex, who is with us doing work experience up until our Christmas break. Currently in his second year of studying Interior Architecture at Nottingham Trent University, Alex is helping us with some of our…

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